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Day Fairy by lenihanfighter Day Fairy :iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 12 4
Fury theme 2 - Dog
He had always wanted to have a dog. Even when he had been very young, he was attracted to dogs. Cats made good pets as well, just like rabbits, birds, fish, squirrels and just about every other animal he came across in the city. But dogs were his favourites.
A dog was loyal and friendly and in many ways Cain Fury felt a connection with them. Indeed, wasn't he loyal and friendly as well? A dog, however, also proved to be a wonderful friend and champion, always ready to bark at those who dared to attack their master. Although he could handle himself in any fight, Cain didn't like fighting and a strong companion at his side would make him feel more at ease.
His mother, however, never allowed him to have a dog – or any other pet. "You need to look after the pet, Cain," she'd say. "That is a hard job and we don't have the time for that. When you grow up and live on your own, you can always adopt a pet." And then, with a great sigh and a deep sadness, he let the dog, cat or whatev
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 5 2
Hagaren contest 01-2005
"I'm back," Edward Elric announced loudly when he returned from shopping. There was no response and he glanced curiously in the livingroom to see if everyone was still alive. "Hello? Anyone at home?"
Someone moved his head and one black eye looked up at Edward. "Ah, Fullmetal," major general Roy Mustang greeted him surprised. "You're back."
"You've noticed it," Ed retorted sarcastically while he took off his red coat and approached the tall dark man. "I only just said it a few moments ago myself. Where is my dearest brother?"
"Here." At Ed's questioning gaze, Roy added, "He fell asleep against my shoulder."
"Oh… Oh. Okay. Uhm… Well, I'll fix dinner then." Edward turned around to walk to the kitchen, but Roy's voice held him back.
"Ed? I know I'd said that I would repair the sink in the kitchen today, but…" He glanced down at the sleeping Alphonse. "I didn't want to wake him up."
Edward looked also at his brother. "Don't worry about it, Roy. I'll do it." He wanted to continue walking to
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 4 24
Fury theme 1 - Glasses
They had been with him for a very long time now. Indeed they could be even called a part of him. Cain Fury had never considered himself handsome, but without his glasses, he looked even worse. Without his glasses, he was not only as blind as a mole, but he even resembled one closely.
Cain still remembered clearly the first day he got his glasses. It happened many, many years ago, but it still seemed like yesterday to him. They hadn't looked much different from the ones he wore nowadays and he had absolutely hated them. Cain Fury, quiet and shy as he was, had never belonged to the group of popular boys and there were times he had been the victim of their bullying.
The bullying was only periodic, though, and everyong had to endure it every now and then. But these glasses with the thick, black frame would almost invite daily bullying. Cain saw himself already being laughed at, beaten up and searching for books, pens, pencils and anything else they had taken away and hidden.
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 5 2
What if... -1-
…he didn't die?
The shot echoed through the night. His eyes widened slightly, as if he was taken by surprise. The calm face of his wife smiled at him, which was a huge contrast with the gun she had aimed at his chest.
His right arm fell limply beside his body and his hand lost its grip of the small throwing knife. The serene smile on his wife's face turned sadistic as she watched how he fell slowly backwards.
Memories flashed through his mind. He didn't feel the pain anymore, he didn't feel the wind sweeping over his face. He only felt the cold touch of death and a deep regret that he couldn't hold his promise to his friend.
The last thing he remembered was a conversation between him and his friend from a long time ago, where he had said he would work under his friend to push him up to the top.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *
There hung an oppressive silence in the surgery room. Doctors and nurse
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 23 18
In My Eyes
In My Eyes
               You're graceful
               Your grace falls
               Down around me in my eyes
               You're lovely
               Your love leaves
               So sadly in my eyes

               ~Rufio "In My Eyes"
I don't understand you, Roy. Honestly. I mean, what do you see in this forever dating of yours? Don't you ever get tired of these one-night stands? Of course, you have more energy than I have. I'm so happy that I have my Gracia. Don't you agree that she looks like an angel? But seriously, Roy, don't you think it's time to find a nice woman and settle down? There should be someone in this world who is your true love.
"Aa, you're right, Maes. But there is only one woman I truly love and she has already been taken by someone else."
Roy Mustang sat slumped down in his chair with a glass of whiskey in his hands. The bottle was nearly empty and he already began to feel that the pain in his heart became less. Soon, he'd slip away
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 5 5
Second Life - 5
Chapter Five
"I'm back," the blond alchemist announced as he slammed the door shut. He dropped the books on a table and moved over to the sofa, where his younger brother was. Edward sprawled ungraceful next to him.
Alphonse looked up from his book. "What did Colonel Mustang want to know, Niisan?" he inquired while he put aside his book.
Ed glared at the empty suit of armor. "Come on, Al. I already told you that. Don't play the dumb guy here. It's not that interesting to say it more than once and you should know it."
"… Niisan, you haven't told me anything." Alphonse sounded puzzled. "I haven't seen you anymore after I told you that the Colonel wanted to talk to you."
"Al, stop joking," Ed grunted. "I'm not in the mood for jokes."
"But, Niisan, I really haven't seen you after that."
Edward was about to give a hot retort when he realized Al would never be able to pull off a joke like that. "… You are really serious about that, aren't you?"
Al nodded. "I wouldn't have asked
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 1 2
It was quiet at Roy Mustang's house. It was at least quiet until their little argument broke out. Roy Mustang had been reading a certain book about alchemy and the different aspects of it for the past several days. He had planned to conclude this evening with a little more reading while Indy would either fall asleep or read her own book.
But as he groped for his beloved book, he found that the table was empty.
Mustang stared at the wooden surface, and then sank through his knees to look under the table. Also there was no trace of his book. Roy straightened and his face creased in a frown. Indy was usually the messy one; he was almost compulsive tidy. There was no way he could have lost his book because he left it at some random spot, since he always placed the book he was currently reading on that table at exactly that spot.
The dark Alchemist started to search through the room methodically; he started around the table first and then broadened his field of search as
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 1 8
22 short FMA drabbles
Rain (Roy only)
Cold and wet, the tears of heaven fell down on him. Cold and wet, they mixed with the tears on his face. Roy extended one hand to the gravestone before him and caressed the words that were engraved in the grey stone. His fingers were stiff and cramped from the rain, but he barely noticed it. Where was his best friend now? Why did he have to die?
"Maes," he whispered.
Roy looked up at the sky and felt how his heart was empty without Hughes. Cold and wet… the whole world and his life had become cold and wet.
Death (Alphonse only)
It tore at his flesh, it burnt through his veins. It eliminated all his senses and feelings, except pain. It was a torture to be decomposed slowly and the agony went beyond human imagination.
He heard his brother calling him. His brother sounded desperate, anguished and frightened. His brother never sounded frightened. He tried to turn his head, to look at the golden hair and eyes of his brother,
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 6 1
Take me home for OKami-hu - 2
When Roy woke up the next morning, it took a while before he realized where he was. He was no longer in the cold, muddy streets, but he found himself instead in a huge, warm, soft bed and a cosy, though messy room. Roy stared at the ceiling, wondering how long ago it had been since he had laid in a bed for the last time.
A low rumbling pulled him back to reality and with a vast reluctance – the bed felt really nice – Roy pushed the thick blanket away. A chill breeze swept over him and he shivered. Hopefully, the living room or kitchen would be warmer.
He slipped out of his bed and hopped downstairs. A quick glance around told him that the older man was either still asleep or not at home anymore. "Hughes-san? Ano… Hughes-san?" There was no reply. "…Ara?" The boy picked up a short note from the table.
'I'm off to work, but I'll try to be back early for shopping. You can have breakfast and lunch, if you like. Amuse yourself until I'm back.
Maes Hughes'

Well, that was nice, h
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 2 12
The Case
A small, but highly annoyed boy ran through the long halls of Central military headquarters like a local disaster. Everyone gave respectful way to this blond boy, which might have been a wise choice, since a child or not, he was already reputed as one of the fearful Alchemists.
Edward Elric, also known as the Fullmetal Alchemist, ignored the startled faces of lieutenant Hawkeye and lieutenant Breda, just as he paid no attention to the cigarette of lieutenant Havoc. There had been several attempts to light it, but it had fallen down in his lap at the sudden entrance of Edward.
"Fullmetal. What a pleasant surprise. What brings you to my office this early in the morning?"
The young Alchemist glared at his superior. "Don't play dumb, colonel. You know very well why I'm here."
"You mean  your failed search to the Philosopher's Stone?"
Ed growled lowly as he intensified his scowl. "You knew it would result into nothing, didn't you? All these excursions and hints you've given so fa
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 3 29
Temp DAID - Pinako by lenihanfighter Temp DAID - Pinako :iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 2 9
Silence of war
A silence of shots
of a screaming struggle with Death
of blood flowing through the streets
of people, long gone and dead.
Between it all stands a child
yet not completely helpless.
Looking for a father
anyone else
she knows.
Bullets fly through the air,
and with deadly precision they hit
the child.
Silence returns
heavy and pressing.
And everybody wonders:
do we allow this silence
to stay?
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 1 14
Birthday-fic for OKami-hu
With a lot of show, Edward Elric, the young blond State Alchemist, stormed through the halls of the Eastern military headquarters. Close behind him followed Alphonse, who clunked his way after his older brother. Every soldier dutifully and quickly stepped aside when the couple approached.
People winced when they heard that vengeful scream and the windows clattered as the wooden door was slammed shut. Even lieutenant Hawkeye looked worried at the colonel's office.
"Fullmetal. What brings you here?" Roy Mustang inquiered calmly, not the least bit disturbed by the Alchemist's noisy entrance.
"What brings me here?! WHAT BRINGS ME HERE?!" Ed's voice rose in volume without too much difficulty. "This is what brings me here!" Frustrated, he threw a crumpled piece of paper on Mustang's desk.
Mustang glanced at it. "I don't see what's wrong with it, Fullmetal. It's just an old mission. You gave your report about it yesterday." Although he remained calm, there was now a definite hint o
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 5 9
Take me home for OKami-hu - 1
Take me home
Weather in Central was always so predictable. There was always a near one hundred percent chance of rain each day. The only advantage was that you never could be taken by surprise by a sudden shower.
Corporal Maes Hughes plodded through the streets, holding up a huge black umbrella. It protected him at least marginally against the rain, although his boots and trousers showed evidence of mud and water.
As he passed a narrow alley - one of the many in the city, which always ended up dead after a hundred feet - his eyes caught a sudden movement. Spying and gathering information had always been his hobby and he had trained himself over the years to catch even the briefest glimpse of something. Curious about what it was, Hughes stepped into the alley. His footsteps echoed hollowly and sounded eerie in the dead silence.
"Don't come any closer! I'll hurt you if you do!"
Hughes stood still, more surprised than frightened by the threat. That voice... although it hovered on t
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 3 26
Ross x Sciezska for deathdesu
Sciezska could not concentrate. She had no idea what caused it, but every time, she caught herself gazing blankly through the window. And every time, she told herself to continue with the work Lieutenant Colonel Hughes had given her. But it did not work.
She tore her eyes away from the window and stared at the blank page before her. What did she have to write down again? Something about a police report of some incident so many years ago. Her hand moved involuntarily towards a romance novel she was currently reading while her mind tried to come up with what she was supposed to do.
"Are you making any progress, Sciezska?"
Sciezska gave a startled exclaim and snatched her hand quickly back. Guiltily, she looked up at her superior, then back at the unwritten page before her. A blush crept slowly over her face.
Hughes followed her gaze and glanced down at her work. "Well, it doesn't show very much yet, does it?" he said mildly. "Is it that it's too difficult for you or are there other probl
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 5 4


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Current Residence: the Netherlands
Favourite genre of music: Anything
Favourite cartoon character: Hawkeye, Ross, the three sisters of ROD TV, Nenene and only then the rest of FMA
Hey all,

You have all probably heard of 2012, and the big changes it is supposed to bring to life on this planet.

==It's not "Doomsday"==
Many people think that in December 2012, the world is going to end. I can reassure you right now, this is not going to happen. There will not be flaming meteors crashing into the planet, there will not be a nuclear war, and there will not be massive destruction. There was a time when this was a very real option, but thanks to many intuitives around the world in the 1980s, that time is past. You do not have to be afraid. We're here to stay.

That does not mean nothing is going to happen, though.

==The End of an Era==
For a very long time now, the world has been a very dark place. Many are suffering every day while others don't care. Countries are fighting each other, kids grow up in abusive homes. Most of us are enslaved to either our subconscious issues or blindly follow the rules of society. People have very little awareness of the world around them, and barely any access to their natural intuitive gifts.

We are at the end of what Hindu mythology calls the Kali Yuga, the dark Iron Age. We are also at the end of the Mayan Calendar, which according to tradition has been running since the start of the universe. Terrance McKenna's time lines based on the Chinese I-Ching are sketching the same picture. And for the last twenty years at least, intuitives around the world have been talking about new energies coming into the planet. We call this "The Shift."

This means that much is going to change, not only in the world at large, but in everyone's personal life as well. Change needs to happen, if our world is going to move into this new age. If we celebrate this and intentionally change things, this will be easy. If we fight it, life will change things for us, and it will be difficult.

Most people these days think that this Shift is going to happen in December 2012. Others, experts in the ancient traditions such as Carl Calleman, Barbara Hand Clow, and the Mayan Elders themselves, think it will be earlier than that and suggest late 2011.

==We're Starting Early==
For a long time, the 2012 date has not felt right to many of us. It felt like a scare tactic. But when we looked at the 2011 date more closely, we found that wasn't correct, either. After intense and deep intuitive work by the famous empath and meta-intuitive senser Angel, checked by me and intuitively double-checked by many of our students, we are looking at a new date of the end of this Era. While it's tough to be 100% certain what will happen or when, we are confident enough to share what we've sensed.

The date we are looking at is October 8, 2010.

Yes, that soon.

Yes, that is in a few months already.

Attached you can find a chart based on the work of the brilliant Terence McKenna, that shows the amount of novelty or rigid order we can expect to see in the world in the next few years. Adapted by one of the most strongly gifted and extensively trained intuitives alive in the world at this moment, it combines logic with a deep meta-intuitive understanding to show us this picture: We do not have as long as we thought.

Converting these calculations to match the Mayan Calendar, we are just today, June 9th, ending the 4th Day of the last universal cycle. The following prediction emerges:
June 11 - July 1: 4th Night
July 1 - July 21: 5th Day
July 21 - Aug 10: 5th Night
Aug 10 - Aug 30: 6th Day
Aug 30 - Sept 19: 6th Night
Sept 19 - Oct 8: 7th Day
Then, time as we know it will end.

==What You Can Do==
Why does the date matter, you ask? It's happening soon, can't we just sit and wait and see what happens? No. The Shift is much like a child being born. While you are pregnant, you need to watch what you eat and drink, you need to learn about parenting, and you need to make your life ready for a little baby who will be dependent on you to grow up healthy and happy.

If we sit and wait, if we think that nothing is going to happen for at least another one or two years, we completely miss the important Shift. Time matters. Energies matter. For this baby, this new world of ours, to be born and flourish, we need as many people spirituall awake and aware as possible. We need people to start taking off the blindfold they've been wearing all their lives, to look around, find out who they are, why they came here, and what they want to do with their lives. Then, we need for those people to reach out and teach others to do the same.

And we need for all the awake people to hold the energies that we want to see represented in this new Era. You can start this today.

==What Will Happen?==
We do not know. It has not been decided yet. As any parent knows, you cannot predict what a child is going to be like when it grows up. You may be able to tell if it is a girl or a boy, but will it be smart, athletic, popular, gifted, all of the above? Will it like rock music, or horses? Will it want to be a doctor, an astronaut, a teacher, president?

A lot of this is shaped by the child's parents, in the very first years of its life. If you give your child love, if you nurture it, give it some rules and a lot of freedom and understanding, it will grow up to be an amazing adult that you can be proud of. The same goes for our world. We are now very close to an unprecedented moment in our history, the start of a new world the likes of which no human has ever seen before. And we are its parents, you and I.

==Shape your Vision==
Everything we do shapes the world around us. Every action we take, every thought we have, influences our own energy and that of anyone around us. The mystic Richard Bach said:

No matter how qualified or deserving you are,
  you will never reach a better life
until you can imagine it for yourself,
  and allow yourself to have it.

The same is true for our world. No matter how much we want it, if we can not imagine a better world and allow ourselves to believe in it, we will never reach it.

I encourage each and every one of you who reads this to -- every night, before you to go bed -- spend some time truly imagining the world as you would like to see it. Imagine wildly. If you would like to be able to fly, imagine it. Imagine that everyone on this planet lives in safety, with enough food, with happiness and family who loves them. Imagine a world that is in harmony. Imagine people treating each other with honour, with love, with understanding and a desire to reach out and help.

If you spend a little time every night imagining the best world you can come up with, we will have a much better chance of making that world happen. And yes, of course we could be wrong. But with all my intuitive gifts, I say that we are not. Considering how close we are to the end of the world as we know it, how amazing the upcoming years can be, and how little effort it would take to make it so, I ask you to help us - and yourself - to make this happen.

In closing, I would like to re-iterate the words of the Mayan elder. Don't worry. It'll be ok. We are heading into a new Era, one that has the potential to be more wonderful than anything you've ever seen.

I will meet you there.


Meta-intuitive healer

*Please distribute this post in any forum or media you think may be interested. The more people are aware, the more we can do.

1) You can learn more about how to deal with change here: [… ]
2) To learn more about Angel Knoth, see [ ]
3) More information on Barbara Hand Clow and the Mayan Calendar, see [] and []
4) More information on Terence McKenna and his Timewave 2012 time line based on the I-Ching [ ] and […
5) To learn more about the process of waking up and taking off your blindfold, or to learn to do it yourself, see [].
6) To hear the words of the Mayan Elder Don Alejandro Oxlaj, see […


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